Imagicademy – Game Design Intern

Imagicademy is a series of fun, educational iPad apps for kids that encourage curiosity, spark creativity, and fuel a love of learning. Each app contains small play experiences that help kids explore skills such as math, science, art, reading and interpersonal/emotional.

As a Game Design intern for the Imagicademy team, I’ve gotten to see all sides of game development, from conception to release. I’ve designed and built new games, and have worked with developers to see the design to completion. On a day-to-day basis I create and maintain game design documentation. Additionally, I use my background in code to quickly prototype new game concepts and occasionally lend a hand during crunch time.

The apps I’ve worked on while at Imagicademy can be found on the app store. Click on each app’s image below to view its app store page.

Frozen Early Science – I started on this project when it was already in development. I sent feedback to the  developers about new builds, and attended playtest sessions to gauge how kids took to the game.





Mickey’s Magical Math World
– I’ve been working with other designers on improvements and changes to this game to be released post-launch (the game originally released late 2014).

Furthermore, I’ve been working on future additions to the Imagicademy library to be released in 2016.