Norman’s Arctic Expedition

Norman’s Arctic Expedition is a fun, fast-paced tile placement game that follows crazy scientist Norman as he searches for fallen artifacts in the arctic. The game is the end result of a 12 week game project for Intermediate Games. Isaac Steele and I worked on the game using Unity (C#) and Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya for visuals.

Game Description: Place tiles to guide Norman and Nora to their campsite while collecting mysterious frozen artifacts along the way. Take care that they do not fall off into the freezing waters or run into an iceberg. Be fast! After placing the first tile, Norman and Nora will begin moving, and they cannot stop sliding until they reach the campsite.

You can play the game here.Instructions (also found in-game):
# Keys 1 – 6 : Choose Block Type
Left Click: Place Ice Block
R: Rotate Ice Block
L: Return to Level select screen

In addition to programming, testing, and making art for the game, we also collaborated with a musician from the Berklee Scool of Music, Jake Krasniewicz. Jake composed all the music for our game, and we collaborated with him on a weekly basis to make sure the music was fitting the theme of the game.

Although we finished 12 playable levels for the game, Isaac and I are still working on improving and adding to the game. During the next few months I will be working to port the game to Android OS. It is my goal to optimize the game for tablet devices, create new levels, and launch it on the Android market.

(Fall 2012)