Panda Roll

ScreenshotPanda Roll is a silly, fun, and competitive local-area racing game for Android. In the game you play as a panda rolling down a hill and race other players to the bottom of the track. Players control the panda by tilting their phone right and left to steer, and forward to accelerate. The game encourages fun competition and playfulness and is reminiscent of Mario Kart and Super Monkey Ball.

I created Panda Roll for my Mobile Game Production class, over the course of 3 months. Game design, programming, art and sound were all created by me, and I also tested the game with friends and family.

I ran into difficulties when I tried to program the game to work on a local area network (Bluetooth/Wifi supported). Since the class didn’t allow me much time to work through technical details (design and pitching the app was key), I decided to cut out the one-on-one competitiveness of the game. However, it was important for me that the game still be based around speed and racing instead of an infinite runner. The solution to this problem was to create Panda Roll: Time Trial, where a player races the clock on each round. The proof-of-concept takes 12 – 18 seconds to play, but I found players consistently returning to the game to improve their score.

(Fall 2014)