Quicksilver: Infinite Story

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Quicksilver: Infinite Story is an action RPG inspired by animated adventure television shows.   Beyond just paying homage to all the tropes and conventions that define the genre, Quicksilver fuses them into an unprecedented story generation engine to create unique new adventures every time you play.

Over the course of a year, a prototype of Quicksilver was in development as part of the University of Southern California’s Advanced Game Project class. I worked on the project as a volunteer artist creating characters, props, and environments for the 2D side-scroller action game. Programs I used to create art include Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash. Visit the Quicksilver page here.

Excerpts of my work for the project can be seen above in the gallery. Most of my work centered around character art and costume design. I designed my own armor and props and also took a few characters from concept art to in-game sprites.

(Fall 2010/Spring 2011)