Rainbow Dash Pinball


My first project with Unity was a Pinball game (part of my Intermediate Games class). When the project was assigned we had only had one or two lectures on Unity, so I ended up teaching myself a lot about Unity just by making the project (and by reading up on the online Unity script overview).

You can play the game here. *

Controls (can also be found in-game): z – left flipper, / – right flipper, space – plunger, n – new game.

Hints: z and / also toggle the lights at the top of the board, and if all three lights are lit the jackpot doubles. If you hit all three flags you’ll unlock the ball lock, and if you send the ball in the lock you’ll unlock Sonic multiball mode. You can only score the jackpot while in multiball mode.

(Fall 2012)


* – Rainbow Dash and all related characters and themes are copywrite Hasbro